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This asset for Unity 3D terrains will help the user generate at runtime a nice customizable shore following the curves of a choosen terrain.


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The Shore Generator package is composed of the following :

  • com.heparo.terrain.shore : the Shore Generator package (main folder hierarchy) [0 file(s)]
    • demonstration : contains the demonstration scene [2 file(s)]
      • materials : the materials used in the scene [n file(s)]
      • terrains : the terrain used in the scene [1 terrain]
      • textures : the textures used in the scene [n file(s)]
    • documentation : contains the HTML documentation of the Shore Generator package (normally the page you are presently reading... Isn't it ?) [1 file(s)]
      • css : the CSS file of the documentation [1 file(s)]
      • images : contains all the images used in the present documentation [n file(s)]
    • scripts : contains all the Shore Generator core classes [1 file(s)]


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Getting started

Getting started with Shore Generator is quite easy : associate a terrain with a classical plane will generate at runtome the desired shore asset.

Step 1 : create and modify a terrain to fit your needs

Step 2 : add a standard "plane" object to the scene and scale it centered on your terrain

Step 3 : I have renamed my plane to "shore" in this example and positionate it at the desired Y position

Step 4 : attach the C# script [ShoreGenerator] to our plane, we can now configure our final shore

Step 5 : now configure our generator

  • Debug : to draw or not to draw the shorline and related vertices at runtime (in red for the shoreline and yellow for the triangles of the terrain used to generate the shore)


  • Terrain : the base terrain the shore is generated for


  • Generate collider : will the generated shore object have a collider component ? (usefull if you want to use it as a platform)


  • Resolution : the plane will be cut down into [resolution x resolution vertex] in order to generate the shore


  • Width : the size of the shore


  • Earth / Water sides ratio : the percentile of the width reserved for the water side (the rest is for the earth side - here 65% is for water side)


  • Slope : in degrees (from 0 horizontal to 85) to indicate the slope of the generated shore (carefull : not centered on the shore line) - Below with 45 degrees


Step 6 : finally press [PLAY] and look at the result !! (this is the result obtained with the demonstration scene)


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Known bugs or malfunctions

None at the moment.


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Version 20180515170000

  • Simple actualized version - No modification
  • Compatible with Unity 5, 2017, 2018 (but NOT COMPATIBLE with HRP and LRP)

Version 20171120140000

  • Better demonstration scene with two examples of use
  • Updated visuals (documentation + store)

Version 20170315210000

  • Initial released version


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Also, for any issue / problem / bug / question relative to this asset, please feel free to send me an email at :

Please, do not forget to place [ShoreGenerator] at the beginning of your mail subject.

  • I speak english
  • Hablo español
  • Je parle français

Thank you for puchasing and using this asset !

Kind regards,


All material included in the [Shore Generator] package was made by me except when mentioned explicitly

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